Among the many threats that every day  we can meet in our Internet browsing, keyloggers are definitely one of the most dangerous. It is this type of malware, in fact, that the bad guys use to steal passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive data that you entered on the keyboards of our PCs. That’s why it is important to have an antivirus that is able to detect, identify and remove them effectively.

IKARUS virus.utilities is a lightweight and reliable anti-virus that can guarantee complete protection against viruses, malware and many other types of computer threats, just as keyloggers. It automatically updates every 20 minutes and is available in a free trial version complete. Let’s see how to use it!


If you want to discover how to protect yourself from keyloggers , the first step you need to take is to connect to the Internet site of IKARUS virus.utilities and click button first trial and then on the Download Setup – virus_utilities_2.0.74.exe (18.25 MB) to download a free trial version of the program on your PC. When the download is complete open, double clicking on it, the file you just downloaded (Setup – virus_utilities_2.0.74_IT.exe) and in the window that opens, click on the first Yes (to authorize the installation of Windows 7 and Vista) and then click OK and Next.

Therefore accepts the terms of use of the program, click on the Agree button, and click on the first button control to check that the system has all the requirements to support IKARUS virus.utilities and then click Next twice in a row and Install to complete the installation of the program (it takes a few seconds). When finished, click Next and performs the initial configuration of IKARUS virus.utilities setting network parameters to update the antivirus definitions . Usually, just leave the default settings and click Next.


When the update is completed, sets the type of real-time protection you want to use on your system (I suggest you leave all options selected) and click the Next button, put a check mark next to the item and click Install demo version again on Next and then Finish to finish the installation process of IKARUS virus.utilities.

At this point, IKARUS virus.utilities will warn you that you have not activated your copy of the program. Then click the Add License button in the window of the opinion that appeared and click on Activation-Key to insert the key in the program to activate the free trial version of IKARUS virus.utilities.

To obtain the activation key of IKARUS virus.utilities, linked from this page of the website of the program and click on the entry to obtain an activation code. Fill out the form so that you are offered with your personal data (name, address , email, etc.), put the check mark next to I accept the terms of privacy and click Get activation code to get the code registration by e-mail.


That’s it! Now IKARUS virus.utilities is installed, activated and ready to block any malware in your PC , both when you are online and when you’re disconnected from the Internet. The program updates the definitions that serve to protect yourself from keyloggers, viruses and other malware every 20 minutes, which ensures complete protection even against the latest malware.

To start a scan of the computer and check for viruses/malware/keylogger in it, you have to go SCAN tab of the main window of IKARUS virus.utilities , select the scanning profile that you prefer to run (Quick scan of the system to check only the key points of the system, system partition to check only the disk partition on which Windows , All the computer to perform a full scan to check only or removable drives USB drives and other removable devices connected to your PC) and click on the button Now scanning that is located at the bottom right .

You can find more information on pricing and features of the full version of IKARUS virus.utilities on the official website of the program.

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