The times when we used Facebook only from the computer (or from one computer) are over: we connected to the site using the chat and when the connection timed out we logged out to tell everyone that we were no longer online. Now things are a little different: with mobile phones, tablets and computers being disconnected from a device does not mean to be offline for others.

It often happens to be online even if you are not at your computer or be available to chat by phone even if you chose to be offline (read as not to allow friends to find out if you’re online on Facebook). On this article I’ll explain how to fully disable the chat on Facebook from phone and tablet computer in order to be offline for everyone.

Disable chat from your computer

turn off chatLet’s start by turning off the chat from your computer (or from website). Anything could be simpler: just click on the gear in the lower right corner and choose “Turn off chat”.

It’s also possible to see the advanced settings and choose to enable chat for all friends and offline for some, or only activate it for some people and be offline for everyone else.

These are simple settings, in the Facebook basics, and probably many of you already know. The real misunderstanding begins, however, when you start to use Facebook in more than a device (such as a smartphone or a tablet).


How to disable chat from iPhone, iPad and iOS devices

To disable the chat from an iPhone is a really easy thing. Open the Facebook app and swipe your finger across the screen from right to left to open the sidebar with the chat. Then click on the gear wheel at the top right and choose “Turn off chat”.

Even if you’ve disabled the chat from the computer and by the application of Facebook, you may still be online. How is this possible? The problem lies in the other Facebook applications, such as the Messenger.

If you use the Facebook Messenger app you  have to logout on the iPhone/ to disconnect your account. To do so, open the app ” Messenger “, swipe from right to left on the screen, touch the gear and choose” Change Account “. That’s it, you should now be offline on Facebook.

Disable chat on Android (phones and tablets)

To turn off chat on Android open the Facebook’s app from the left menu and open the “Application Settings”.

Uncheck the “Available on chat”.

Similar to the process for iOS here you may still be online because of the Messenger app. If you have installed it on your phone open it and from the account settings select “Change Account” to disconnect yourself from the app and do not be connected anymore.