Download a video from Facebook is not as simple as downloading a picture. A few years ago it was simple because you had a link “Download Video” under every video on Facebook but, probably for copyright reasons, they had the good idea to remove it.

download-video-facebookAnd that’s when  appeared on the web the first articles and guides to download videos from Facebook.

Here is a selection of the best extensions, add-ins, add-ons, plugins or generally software to download videos from Facebook for free and in very good quality (the latter obviously depends on the video).

How to download videos from Facebook using Google Chrome

To download videos from Facebook with Google Chrome you can use several different ways. A download-video-facebook-using-google-chromerecent one and used by almost 1 million users is FVD Video Downloader, an extension that download any video (other than YouTube) on the web. Install it and visit the video page on Facebook, please click on the button / arrow extension and download the desired video in a few seconds.

How to download videos from Facebook using Firefox

download-video-facebook-using-firefoxFor Mozilla Firefox is available since a long time the add-on Video DownloadHelper that functions similarly to the previous extension.

Once installed you can just view the video on Facebook, by clicking on the extension icon you will notice an item to click that permit you to start the download of the video.

How to download videos from Facebook using Safari

download-video-facebook-using-safariIf you use the Apple Safari browser, you can download the videos without having to install anything. Go to the video page on Facebook, start the play and open the Window menu -> Tasks. You will find then a list of downloaded files on browser; look for bigger files. The video should have the extension. Mp4

Double click on the URL to download the video. If it does not work copy the URL  go to Window -> Downloads, paste the copied URL and Safari will start to download it.

How to download videos from Facebook using Internet Explorer

downlad-video-facebook-using-internet-explorerIn Internet Explorer you can use the IE Cache View, a simple utility that reads the cache of the browser and displays the list of downloaded files. There you will find the video played, with MP4 extension.

In fact you can access the cache without installing anything; From the Tools menu -> Internet Options -> Settings -> View Files it will open a folder with the downloaded files, among which you will find the video played.

How to download videos from Facebook using Opera

download-video-facebook-using-operaSimilar to the previous program you can use Video Cache View which supports the major browsers including Opera.

It ‘a software available for Windows and in several languages ​​including Italian.

Download from here -> link

How to download videos from Facebook using Windows and Mac

Finally, we report a software for Windows and Macintosh operating systems. In addition to the previous one valid only for Windows, iSkysoft iTube Studio software is available for Windows and Mac.