I always get a lot of messages from people asking me how to speed up the downloading of movies, music and programs from the Internet. The true is that doesn’t exist miracles, you can’t double the speed with which the files are downloaded from the Internet, but this does not mean that you can not do something.

By optimizing the settings of programs to download files from the Internet and using the software “right” you can squeeze the most of your connection and speed, to the extent possible, the speed with which it performs the download. Here is some advice that will help you speed up a bit ‘your downloads from the Web.

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Before you go to the hot P2P software and see how to speed up your downloads with various eMule , uTorrent , etc. . , I would like to talk you about how to optimize the speed of the downloads direct from Internet sites . Now that all the major browsers to surf the Web have very good download manager integrated also allow you to download large files without too much trouble , but if you are looking for a solution to “squeeze” the most my advice is to rely to Orbit Downloader .

It is a free download manager packed with advanced features (example, one that allows you to download videos in Flash, Silverlight and WebM embedded in Web pages) which utilizes a segmented multi-threaded download technology promises to speed up the process of downloading files Internet by up to five times faster than normal . This of course does not mean that you download to double or five times the normal, but at least you’re sure that the speed of your downloads will always be optimized to the maximum.

To use it, connect to the program’s website and click on the yellow button Download Now to download it to your PC. When the download is complete open the file you just downloaded (OrbitSetup4.1.02.exe) and in the window that opens , first click on Yes and then click Next three times , and Finish to complete the installation process and start Orbit Downloader . Be careful to remove the check marks next to the items to change the browser home page to install the software and promotional TuneUp Media during installation.

At this point, Orbit Downloader will integrate into your favorite browser (supports Internet Explorer , Firefox , Chrome and other browsers) and automatically capture all the files that you decide to download from the Internet. If you usually download very large programs , movie trailers or other large files , you’ll notice the difference in speed compared to the browser.

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Now let’s see how to speed up your downloads with P2P programs.

For eMule , there are several things you can do to speed up downloads . First you need to properly configure the program settings so that they match the speed of your ADSL connection, then you must be sure to use secure servers and update, you need to open the ports on your firewall and you have to learn to share only the appropriate files to buy credit and download faster.

With regard to uTorrent , there are several settings that you can modify to groped to help you download files.

Do you prefer hosting services like Megaupload and Fileserve to download files from the Internet ? Well, know that you can speed up downloads also there using Jdownloader , a free download manager that optimizes the speed of downloading from all the major hosting services.

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