Following the closure of major sites like Megaupload and Megavideo, many users have changed their online habits and found new ways to download videos, music and games from the Website. Others, less experienced, were disoriented and have not been able to find services or programs available to trust.

If you are also among them, do not worry. Today I’m going to suggest you how to download free movies from the Internet with some of the best programs. Choose the one that best suits your needs and follow the instructions which I am about to give you to start to download smoothly.

P2p Software

We begin this guide on how to download free movies from the Internet by a program that should not be missing on a PC. I am referring to uTorrent , probably the best software to download files from the net. Torrent is currently available for Windows ( and not only) . It is very easy to use, lightweight and customizable. Let’s start with it because following the closure of Megaupload , many users are preferring sharing on Torrent hosting services to download movies from the Internet .

To install uTorrent on your computer, connect to the Internet site of the program and click the Download button and then on Download uTorrent free . When the download is complete open , double clicking on it, the file you just downloaded ( uTorrent.exe ) and in the window that opens, click on the first run, and then click Next twice in a row . Therefore accepts the terms of use of the software by clicking on I agree, and complete the installation by clicking Next on the first three times in succession and then click Install. Remove the check marks from the entries relating to DJ Shadow and uTorrent Browser Bar to prevent the installation of additional promotional software .

You should now see in front of the main screen of uTorrent but before you start to use the program you need to configure the firewall on your router so that it allows the program to connect to the Internet . Then go to the Options menu > Settings> Connection and pinned the number of the port used for incoming connection . At this point , go to the control panel inside your router by typing the address in your browser and follow my guide on how to configure a router to open the port in the firewall for uTorrent.

When finished , set the parameters of uTorrent so that they match those of your Internet connection. Let’s start searching for your favourite  movies. This will download a small file which you must open with a double click and it will automatically start the download with uTorrent .


Another program that is used to download free movies from the Internet is XdccMule . It is a modified version of mIRC which includes a plug-in to search for movies, music, games and programs within the most popular channels of the IRC network . In contrast to the classical IRC client , it is very easy to use and does not require text commands to memorize .

If you want to use it, all you need to do is connect to its website and click on the item xdccMule.rar to download it to your PC. When the download is complete open , double clicking on it, the file you just downloaded ( xdccMule.rar ) , estraine the content in any folder and start the program mirc.exe . In the window that opens, click on Continue , enter the nickname you want to use on the IRC network and click Apply to enter the server.

At this point, click GlobalFind placed in the upper left side , type the title of the movie you want to download in the Name field and press the Enter key on the PC keyboard to start the search. If you want, you can also search on specific channels and servers by selecting from the drop-down list and Network. To start the download of a movie , double-click on the file name to download , and the download process will start automatically ( unless you have all the occupied slots , in which case you have to wait your turn or choose another bot to download ).


Finally, do not forget about Jdownloader, the best download manager to download free movies from the Internet with the hosting services. Though Megaupload has been shut down and other similar sites have canceled their database, there are still many cyberlocker working and download using this program is as simple as ever.


Even if is not more popular as a few years ago , it remains a very good software to download free movies from the Internet even eMule, who can rely on a vast archive of films difficult to find elsewhere on the big network. The download speed is not always at the top (often you have to wait long lines to complete the download of a movie ), but for certain content more “niche” is practically unbeatable.

Remember to open ports on the router and update the server otherwise not be able to perform your downloads at maximum possible speed.

Warning: I remind you that download illegally from the Internet audio-visual material protected by copyright is illegal. This guide was written for illustration purposes only , it is not my intention to encourage piracy, therefore I take no responsibility on how you can use the information in the article.


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