In addition to being a good phone and an extraordinary tool for online communication, the iPhone can also be exploited as a convenient music player. Would you like to know how to download good music on it without going through the PC?

With this article I want you to find out how to download music from iPhone by using the mobile version of iTunes (the Apple store multimedia) and an app that lets you download music legally from some sites that offer separate songs protected by free law copyright. Let’s get started!


Let’s start from the easiest way: to purchase music from iTunes. By starting the official Apple store , you can get your hands on a catalog consists of millions of songs and albums in figures really very affordable , they speak of standard prices equal to 9.99 euro and 1.29 euro for albums for individual tracks but there are also special offers with songs and albums sold at 0.69 Euros to 6.99 Euros available (if not less).

To make a purchase on iTunes with an iPhone , just browse the different categories of the store or search for specific content to be downloaded (by pressing the search button that is located at the bottom) and start the download before pressing the button with the price of the album/song and then the item BUY (you’ll be prompted for the password of your Apple ID). Purchased songs will be played freely through the Music app for iOS and will be available on iTunes for PC and Mac without having to re- buy the same content (the purchase is associated with your account).


If you want to download music from the iPhone for free, you can use MP3 Music Downloader Free . It is an application that allows you to download music legally from some sites that offer listening and downloading free music, including the excellent Jamendo and but there are also free Music Archive, Live Music Archive and other interesting free resources.

To download a song on your “iPhone by” using MP3 Music Downloader Free, start the app, and scroll down to the bottom and select the site for downloading music. At this point, it flipped through the songs available on the selected platform and presses before the download button on the site (example MP3 free on and then on the Download that appears on the screen.

When the download is complete, go to the Downloads tab of the app and presses the name of the downloaded song to play it directly in MP3 Music Downloader Free. You can also export the songs of other apps on their finger holding the title for a couple of seconds and selecting the target application from the menu that pops up, but unfortunately they do not figure among the Music application ‘s default iOS.