At the event dedicated to enterprise, organized for September 30, 2014, Microsoft gave a taste of what will be Windows 10. At the same time announced the availability of the download of the ISO Technical Preview of Windows 10, which is the version preview of the next operating system whose release is scheduled for the second half of 2015. As you read this article you will find links to download and install Windows 10 guide.

Download Windows 10 Technical Preview and Installation Guide 

What’s new in Windows 10

Our Regular readers will already have got to enjoy some of the new Windows 10 thanks to the screenshots and video of the build leaked during the summer. Among the main new features (and deducted from the official leak) we find the ability to open the Windows Store app on the Desktop, the Virtual Desktop, the center notifications, Cortana, new icons and the ability to choose whether to display the Start screen like that of Windows 8 Start menu or a hybrid between it and that of Windows 7. we can assure you that what we have seen is still far from what will be the final version of the operating system, which will melt once and for all Windows, Windows Phone Xbox and providing the same user experience, seriously. In any case, for a full change made public so far, you can take a look at our article on precisely the changelog Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Installation Guide for Windows 10 Technical Preview

Windows 10 Technical Preview is a preview version dedicated to enterprise and insiders, and not to the general public for home use; it is an unstable and incomplete version than the version that will be made public in the second half of 2015 and this could result in the loss of your data or other problems which neither we nor Microsoft we be considered responsible: in other words, if you want install it, you can do it at your own risk.

To download Windows 10 must register at this address. Once downloaded the ISO fit your computer or tablet from the link at the bottom of the article (choosing from the 32-Bit and 64-Bit), you will have several options to install and test the Preview of Windows 10. Do not go down in detail, but just give some ideas on the various methods of installation, since it is assumed to be tested almost exclusively by geeks.

The easiest way is undoubtedly the one that provides a clean installation on a computer or a tablet formatted (you can also format with the Windows installer 10). For this choice you’ll need a forklift or you’ll have to sacrifice your only car. You can start the installation by loading the contents of the ISO to a DVD or a USB drive with this guide from which then you will have to boot.
As a second option, always sacrificing your only car, you can mount the ISO of Windows 10 with the appropriate command of Windows 8 and start the setup directly from the latter. During the preliminary stages you will be asked if you want to store programs, apps and documents, only documents or anything (almost equivalent to a format, in which case the entire contents of the old C: \ will be stored in a folder C: \ Windows. Alte then be retrieved after installation). But be careful, because you might not be able to complete the installation if your operating system to start is in Italian, in which case you must follow this procedure.
You can also create a partition, through gesione disk or third party programs, and install Windows 10 in it: in this way you will get a practical dual-boot system that will allow you to choose from, each time the PC, if you access one or all ‘other operating system. We tested this procedure on our Surface Pro 3 and is probably one of the most valid.
Same thing is true of the partition if you have no way to add a second HDD to your PC.
Another solution involves the installation painless Windows 10 in a virtual machine, for example in Hyper-V.
You can create a VHD in which to install Windows 10, a kind of virtual partition. Although seemingly one of the solutions is less invasive, does not allow you to install the frequent updates from a build to another Windows 10, and for this we feel sconsigliarla.
If you have Windows 7, you can upgrade for free to Windows 10 through Windows Update by following this guide.

Other important items

Windows 10 Build 9860
The first update for the Technical Preview of Windows 10. In the article there is a list of the changes introduced.
Windows 10 Build 9879
The second update, the last of 2014, the Technical Preview of Windows 10. It introduces many finishes, improvements to OneDrive, new gesture touchpad, and many other new features listed in the article.
Windows 10 Build 9888 (leaked)
Build leaked on the net, not officially released by Microsoft.
Windows 10 Build 9901 (leaked)
Build leaked on the net, not officially released by Microsoft.
Windows 10 Build 9926
The third update, the first of 2015, introduces many highly anticipated new features, including Cortana, the Action Center, new apps and a new user interface redesigned and unified.
How to create an ISO of Windows updates 10
Updates to Windows 10 are not available immediately in .ISO format. To pack a .ISO updates you can follow this simple guide.
How to free more than 5 GB of space after updating Windows 10
All those GB gone, in fact, have been occupied by the update files and backup files of the previous version of Windows. Fortunately can be deleted safely through the famous Disk Cleanup.
Frequently Asked Questions

D – Windows 10 Technical Preview is the final version?
A – No, the final version will be released and stable in the second half of 2015.
Q – Can I install Windows 10 on my Lumia?
A – No, Windows 10 can be installed only on tablet computers and x86 and x64.
D – Windows 10 Tecnical Preview is in Italian?
A – Yes, from January 2015 is also available in Italian. Cortana for now is only available in English.
Q – Can I go back to Windows 8/7 / Vista / XP if I do not like Windows 10?
R – You can not uninstall it. To go back you need to format the computer (except if it is installed in VHD, virtual or partition).
Q – What is the Windows Insider Program?
R – An initiative similar to Developers Preview for Windows Phone, which will allow you to download Windows 10. There you record from this address.
D – Do not know how to install Windows 10, you can write a more detailed guide or help me?
R – You can find support in our Forum.
Q – Can I install Windows 10 on Windows RT?
R – Currently Version Preview is not available for ARM platform / RT.
Q – Will I be able to upgrade to the final version of Windows 10 without having to format?
A – Yes, thanks to the new policy of Microsoft that provides monthly updates of the operating system, already from this Preview. Work as Office 365, constantly updated with new features and enhancements.