You posted a video on YouTube, after inspections do you realize that there are some scenes that you’d like to cut but you have no intention to change the movie and upload it back online? Would you like to apply some special effects and songs in the background? Don’t worry, you can do everything online.

Whatever your needs, there are now various Web services that allow you to edit videos directly from the browser without downloading anything on your PC and without forcing the user to upload the same online video more than once. If you want to know more, here’s how to edit a video using YouTube and other online solutions to fit their purpose.


If you want to discover how to edit a video online, you should start from YouTube. The famous portal of the Google video weblog includes an advanced editor that allows you to edit video clips in your own channel directly from the browser. You can cut and edit scenes, add transition effects, soundtracks and more.

To edit a video previously uploaded on your YouTube channel, link from this page of the site (must be logged in with your Google Account), and select the movie you wish to open in the editor by dragging its thumbnail in the timeline placed in the bottom of the screen (the field where it says Drag the video here).

At this point, position the mouse pointer over the thumbnail of the video you dragged to the timeline of YouTube and use the buttons that appear to begin to remodel the movie. Using the Magic Wand tool icon you can apply various special effects and corrections to the video (example, HDR effect, stabilization of the shooting, adjustment of color/brightness, etc.). By clicking on the scissors can cut the scenes of the movie, while using the instrument that lies behind the icon of the letter “a” can enter in any written overlays.

But now let’s move to the tools available in the toolbar located at the top right . Clicking on the icon CC (Creative Commons), you can have access to a series of videos to be used freely, the icons of the camera and the music note respectively allow to insert a photo and background music in the video while the last two buttons the toolbar allow you to choose the transition effects to be included in the movie (including a cut scene and another, or between one video and another) and titles/tail depending on where you place them.

When you have finished your creation with the editor of YouTube, you can save the edited version of the video by clicking the Publish button located in the top right. Easy, isn’t it?


If you do not need particularly advanced but want to edit a video online just to add some special good effects to movies you have shot with your phone, I strongly recommend taking a look at Magisto. It is an online service totally free and extremely easy to use that allows you to apply many special effects and background music to your videos in a few clicks.

If you want to try it, connect to its main page and click on the button CREATE MOVIE first and then on Select Files. At this point, you will be asked to create a free account on the site: you can complete the process by filling out the short form that is proposed or you can sign up using data from Facebook and Google+.

Now click again on the Select Files and select all the videos and photos you want to use to create your custom fitting . You can choose a maximum number of 10 videos for a total duration of 25 minutes and a total weight of 500MB. Then wait for it to finish uploading the videos, click on the Next button and select the type of special effect to apply to your project among those available (you can choose between effects in indie style , fashion , romantic and many more).

Next, choose a piece of music to use as the background of the video among those made ​​available to you by Magisto and complete the work by assigning a name to your movie. As soon as your video is ready , you will receive an email from Magisto. So you can connect to MY MOVIES section of the service and view / share your nice video full of special effects. Have fun!

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