Would you like to have more privacy on Facebook? Would you like to send messages and be sure that only the other user can read them? With the extension on this article you will learn how to send encrypted messages that you can read only through a password.

Long time ago there was an extension that allowed you to encrypt the contents of a group, a key is generated and is communicated to the members of the group. cript-messagge-facebook

But this extension is very limited, only works for messages exchanged within groups and those at the bottom may already be created from the secret Facebook settings.

Today we point out an extension that encrypts any messages exchanged on the Web. It can be used on Facebook to encrypt private messages on the bulletin board, comments, descriptions of photos, links and status updates.


It’s called Scrambls and is an extension available for the major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, is also available for iOS devices: iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Install it by visiting this link and follow the instructions for your browser.

You will notice the extension icon scrambls-extentionon your browser (at the top right if you use Google Chrome). Click and register to the service (click on “login by facebook” to access the application through Facebook).

At this point the operation of scrambls is simple. When you want to encrypt a message you can just enclose the four lead screws, two at the beginning and two at the end of the message (such as @ @example@ @).

Then just click on the extension icon to encrypt the message.



How can you choose who can read the encrypted messages? It’s necessary to define groups of users from this page. Click on “define new group” to set up a new group, you can add users by e-mail, by email domains or from the list of domains Facebook user (by clicking on “add facebook friends”).

You can also define multiple groups and choose the level of sharing of encrypted messages ( who has permission to decrypt the message) for each content.

When you write a message (or a comment, description, status update and any other content on Facebook) by clicking on the extensionmenu-scrambls icon you’ll see a pop-up menu that will allow you to choose among the groups that you have created.

If the user is part of the group (and installed the extension) automatically displays the decrypted message on Facebook, otherwise it will display in the encrypted form.

Messages can also be encrypted and decrypted from the site to the profile page. If the user tries to decrypt  a message but it is not in the group giving the  permissions the user will display the message “no permission”, otherwise display the message in plain text.


For more information on how scrambls works visit this page. The service is free and very good with regard to privacy. If you want to be sure to get the message across to the right recipients only this is a great way to do it.