Remembering all the passwords you use every day to access Internet sites, forums and social networks is not easy. For this reason you need to write them, but you must do it in a safe place, such as the encrypted database offered by LockCrypt.

LockCrypt is a free program for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux that allows you to save all your passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive data in an encrypted database accessible only by entering a password for authentication. It is very easy to use and provides the highest level of privacy. Here’s how to encrypt a password using it.


All you need to do to find out how to encode a password is to log in to the LockCrypt website and click on the item Installer (Reccomended) to download the program on your PC. When the download is completed open the file you just downloaded ( and start the program LockCrypt-3.10.exe content in it to start the installation process LockCrypt.


Select the language and click the Next button to translate LockCrypt. At this point, select the type of database you want to keep your password from the Mode pop-up menu of the Database ( XML File should be fine ) , click the Browse button to choose the folder in which to save the database and enter the password you want use to protect it in the Password and Confirm password. Finally , first click on Next and then click Finish and it will open the main program window.

The user interface of LockCrypt is structured in two parts: on the left there is a column that lists all groups of default password (Bank accounts for data access to Online Banking, Credit Cards for card numbers credit websites for Internet sites and social networks, etc. . ) and passwords entered in them , while on the right there are the summary screens to display all the data.

To encode a password to a website, a social network, an online service , etc. . therefore, you must click the Add button (located at the top right ) and fill in the form that will be offered with the required data. Then select the voice Website Templates from the drop- down menu , type the name / website address , username and password in the appropriate fields and click the Save button to complete the operation.


It stores all the passwords that you want to keep safely by following the above procedure and, once closed the program to start it again you will be asked to enter the password that you set earlier. To view saved passwords in LockCrypt, you must select the name of the site for which you want to display the data access from the sidebar on the left and click on the icons in the shape of key.

If you have problems running LockCrypt on Windows, make sure your PC it is installed  .Net Framework 3.5 SP1. Otherwise, connect to the Microsoft website, download and install it. Just run the downloaded installation package and always click the Next button.