The extensions help us to improve and personalize Facebook to the best way. An example is given from that I’m presenting today: an unmissable treat for all lovers of emoticons, smileys and symbols.
I speak of a free extension available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari, which adds official emoticons,  emoji and the main symbols into the comment box, just a click away. We can make the most of beautiful any comments posted on profiles and Facebook pages. An extension easy to install and simple to use.


Star visiting this website or download the extension from these direct links:
Emoticons for Google Chrome
Emoticons for Firefox
Emoticons for Safari

After installing the extension you can go back to Facebook (no need to share the post that will open immediately after installation) and try to click on any box of comments.
To the right you will see an icon of a smiley / emoticon; click to open the pop-up with the features added by the extension you just installed.
In fact, emoticons, emoji and symbols that this add-on allows you to add, may also be included on any post, not just on the comments. They can also be displayed in the chat.


The tabs inside the box are currently three:

Regular: displays and allows you to insert classic smileys with one click .

Secret: displays the list of emoji.

ASCII: Displays a list of the main symbols.

Immediately after entering the symbols just click the enter button to submit your comment and display emoticons / emoji selected.


I hope  this post will help you and your life on Facebook, surely will be more colorful and happy.

If you want to know something more about emoji, emoticons, symbols or smiley, just stay tuned, follow us and you will find everything that you need for your Facebook experience.