Since one year, Facebook introduced the hashtags, a feature that allows you to tag any post by a keyword preceded by this sign # (#inthisway). Many people had doubts after they tried the function, especially about the privacy of these posts , doubts that we will try to clarify just now.

First we can actually say that there’s no need to fill our post of #hashtags #like #this. If we want more visibility, we just have to insert one word instead, to see better results.

  • The hashtag actually work on post of personal profiles, fan pages , groups, events and in any comment too . Who click on the signed word opens a page that contains the most popular posts that got the same tag.
  • The more you add hashtags to your post, the more you will have less visibility around. In fact who goes to visit a page with other posts , as a result could not go back to visit your post or decide to perform any action ( like , comment, share) elsewhere.
  • The hashtag should contain only one or two keywords associated with the post , in order to allow you to get more information on the subject matter and at the same time get more exposure to those who visit the page. Remember: We’re not on Instagram.


Speaking of #Hashtags and Privacy

There’s one thing you always have to remember: the privacy of the post always takes over any function and setting.

This means that if a post is shared with “just friends”, and the post contains a hashtag, it will be clickable but only friends (including those in the audience of the post) will be able to see the post on the page that contains the list of posts with the hashtag.

If you chose the Public post (shared with public policy), however, it will always appear in the wall of hashtags, just because it is visible to everyone.