If you have lost your mobile phone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or any type of phone) and you want to log out from Facebook before who stole your mobile look for your stuff on your Facebook, you do not need to change the password, thanks to a new security setting you can disconnect your account from any mobile phone in just a few clicks.

The function is very useful and easy to use. It is already enabled on all accounts automatically and it functions as a password change: disconnect all connected devices in a snap and forces them to log in again.


How to disconnect Facebook from lost or stolen phone

Visit the Account Settings tab in the “phone tab” (direct link) and click on the link “Lost your phone?”. From the next window you can log out of Facebook on the phone (from any application and all the phones that had logged on to Facebook from your account). What does this mean? Coming out of Facebook you can be sure that if someone opens applications such as Facebook app, or other apps that the messenger had requested a login with Facebook, this is redirected to the login screen.


Of course, it would also be appropriate to change the password (from the General Settings screen, click here), but in this way you have an immediate result.