On Facebook is not possible (in theory) to read a message without not let others know that the message has been read and when. For a year now it has been possible in practice to find out who is on Facebook and make anyone uncomfortable.

The situation is repeated with each message sent/received is in fact the following: a friend sends a message, we’re going to read it out of curiosity but, perhaps because we are doing something else, or because we do not want to answer right away, we don’t reply. Sure enough there will come a second message from the sender, angry, expecting an answer because he knows that we have read the message (same story with the new messaging services like WhatsApp).facebook-chat

On this blog I have been among the first to provide some valid methods in order not to see the word “seen” in the message, but these methods, however, have a drawback: the message remains unread and Facebook continues to show the new message notification. A defect rather annoying that spurred me to try a new trick to be able to delete the notification.

New trick to eliminate the Facebook “seen” in messages and do not let others know when you read their messages

This new method doesn’t use any special programs or extensions, and runs on both desktop computers and on mobile phones!

Follow the instructions:

A) As soon as a friend sends a message not open the message, instead to visit the messages page at this link: https://www.facebook.com/messages/

B) Disconnect the internet (and be sure about it).

C) Click now on the unread message and open it to read the contents. The disconnected computer can not send the read receipt friend and Facebook will not be able to understand that we have read the message!

D) After reading the message, close the Facebook page and Reconnect to the internet. Please re-visit the message page, you will notice that the message is still marked as unread even though you’ve already read it!

The trick also works with a phone (in tests I used the app Facebook Messenger for iPhone). Just open the application and load the messages, disconnect the phone from the internet and open the message, close the application and reconnect to the internet. Immediately after reading the message, if you do not want the conversation to remain among to the list of messages (with the risk to click on and send read notification), go to the messages page and click on “Archive”.

That’s it. Enjoy reading your messages secretly.