Not all the administrators of Facebook pages know that they can control the privacy of the post shared, to show the content only to some fans. The function is active on all pages but you have to enable it in the settings of the admin panel. Follow the instructions to enable it and try this tool.


How to enable the control of users for the post of a page

Log in to the admin panel of the page to the tab “Manage Permissions” (if you do not know how to access the page visit your page timeline from the top bar “admin panel” click on “edit page” -> “Change Settings”).

Scroll down the page and select the “Post Privacy Gating: allow me to control the privacy of new posts that I make on my page”. Save the changes.


Now refreshing the page you should see a new icon (the viewfinder) inside the publication box. This is the tool from which you can choose who among the fans of the page is authorized to see the post.


It’s possible to select fans according to gender (men or women), relationship status (single, engaged, married), education (high school students, undergraduate and graduate), age, location and language. The different options can also be combined with each other as to define the target at the best. The number on the right will tell you the number of users (the fans) that you can reach.

PLEASE NOTE: when you publish a post for only a portion of users who follow the page, these will be the only ones to receive it on their news section (or homepage). The post will be however viewable to anyone visiting the timeline of the page, even if is not a fan and even if he/she ‘s not part of the defined target.

This is not important because only a small percentage of users (less than 5%) back to visit after clicking I like. Almost all fans receive their news on the bulletin board.