Every object has an identification number on Facebook: profiles, pages, groups, photos, videos and posts in general. Each ID identifies an item and enables you to receive informations only related to that virtual object. In this way it is more simple to identify a profile with a number, a picture, a page, and be sure not to miss it.

Many times the ID is required even on the facebook’s form to contact the staff. For this reason we decided to write a simple guide to how to find the ID of any profile or page on the social network. It can be useful to everyone.


How to find out the profile ID
It’s possible to find the number that identifies a profile in many several ways. Currently the best and fastest way is to visit http://findmyfacebookid.com/ and paste the URL of the profile, then just click on the button “find ID number” and it will show you your personal id of the profile.

Curiosity: the number is provided in such a chronological order and refers to the date of registration on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg has in fact the first Facebook ID ( he has the number 4 because the first three are used to test users ).

Thanks to this chronological order of the IDs is therefore not possible to list all the users of Facebook to date of registration, an idea that is the basis of the popular site ThefacesofFacebook, which collects the pages in a single photo of the nearly 1.3 billion registered users of the social network (even your own), arranged in chronological order.

Another method to find out the profile ID (without using external services) is the use of the instrument made available by Facebook: open graph, accessible at http://graph.facebook.com/. Using this tool is simple: just add the username of the profile at the end of the URL and find out public informations about it. For example, Mark Z. , just visit http://graph.facebook.com/zuck then to discover that his ID is the number 4.

How to find out a page ID 
To find the ID of a page you can use the same methods as above (findmyFacebookID site and open graph tool), or if the page is administered by you) just visit and click on “Update page info” to access the control panel, scroll down to find the information and the Facebook Page ID field.