A computer format will erase all data stored in its hard drive to reinstall the operating system from scratch, programs and support software for devices such as printers, scanners, webcams, etc…with this article, I will try to clear up a bit your ideas explaining how to format your computer quickly and easily.


Before formatting the computer you have to make a backup copy of all your important data. If you have not done yet, so , “armed” with a nice set of blank DVDs or (better yet) an external hard drive and proceed with saving documents, photos, videos, music, programs, and any other file you need. There are so many great programs for backup that you can use for this purpose , one of these is called SyncBack.

Another important thing you need to do before proceeding with the formatting is make sure you have all the CD/DVD with the drivers for hardware devices on hand . If you do not find any floppy disk , seeks to recover the missing drivers from the Internet (look for the device name followed by the word “driver” on Google) or use one of the many programs for drivers. One of these is DriverMax.


After these essential preliminary steps, enter the Windows installation DVD into the CD/DVD drive and reboot the system. When the PC is restarted, press any key on the keyboard to start the installation of Windows.

If when you start your PC does not appear any written, you need to change the boot order (boot) of the various devices of the computer from the BIOS. To make this work, restart the machine again and see just turning on the computer screen appear press to enter setup (usually F2, F10 or Delete key). Then go into the Advanced section of the BIOS, select the Boot Order, put your CD-ROM drive (example, ATAPI CD-ROM DRIVE) in the first position and exit the setup by saving the changes.


At this point, you are free to install Install Windows 8 or Windows 7 or any other operating system following the wizard that you are offered. To format the computer, remember to select the disk partition you want to install the new operating system (example Disk 0 Partition 1) and click Drive options before (bottom right), and then click Format and then OK to complete the operation.

When the operating system installation is completed (it takes 20 to 40 minutes), proceed to restore all the data that you had previously saved on DVD or external hard drive, install all drivers and … enjoy your formatted computer faster and more stable than ever!