Did you decide to open a YouTube channel to express your opinions and want to have as much audience as possible in a short time? There are no magic steps for these things, but you can follow some practical tips that will definitely help you increase your popularity on Google branded video portal.

If you want to know how you can have  many likes on YouTube, try to put into practice all these tips I’m about to give you. Let’s start to see where you have to begin! Have fun!


Let’s start this guide on how to have many likes on YouTube by a fundamental concept , the personality. If you want to build your own audience and picking up the counter of “like” , you must have a precise identity , be recognizable and have an original style .

Warning: this does not mean that you have to make videos all the same ( you would get the opposite effect ), but you need to choose a common theme for your video (example, computer science , cinema , travel, etc. . ) And do not go outside track . Some small exception to the rule may be there, of course, but try not to overdo it. If users follow you to listen your opinions on the latest news related to the world of technology (for instance), you can not expect to be greeted with the same “heat” video in which this issue is not addressed.

I advise you also to appear natural in your videos. This doesn’t mean that movies should be made ​​”on the fly ” and without a little preparation, indeed, but that does not seem like you have to ” plaster ” in the eyes of the public. Do you know how to follow a written script  making you appear” loose ” in front of the camera? This is better for you, but if you don’t know how to do it, speaks as if you are talking to a friend (with imperfections and errors) . The audience will appreciate it more than a speech seemingly perfect but obviously “starred”.


Other essential requirement to have many likes on YouTube is to create high-quality videos. Many smartphones and cameras allow you to shoot video in HD (1920 × 1080 pixels) without much effort: use those to shoot movies, and not the webcam on the computer.

Make sure also that the quality of the audio in the recording is optimal, as well as lighting in the surrounding environment. On the internet you will find numerous tutorials on how to fix these small – but important – details.

Do not forget, then, to cut downtime from your videos before you post them online. As for the possibility of adding an opening song to your movie, do it as well, but only on condition that this acronym is beautiful and will not last more than 5-10 seconds (otherwise you risk to bother the viewer).


Now let’s see the “marketing” . I know that to increase the number of ” likes” to your videos you would be tempted to ask to click on the ” like” and make the registration to the channel at the end of each clip, but I can guarantee that this is a technique counterproductive. Instead of harassing the public with invitations to put “like” the video and subscribe to your channel , try to entice people to do everything on their own. How can you do this?

First create interesting videos and then, ” enticed ” users giving birth in their desire to see as soon as your new video , please enter your movies in the ” teaser ” or otherwise of the brief references to the topics that will treat soon trying to create a bit ‘ of “hype” for the most important video and processed (example, the comparison between two smartphones , the images of an event in which you participated , etc.). .

Finally – but not less important – seek to promote your videos on social networks , enhances your presence on Facebook , Twitter, etc. and respond to users who make you questions about your movies or comment on them directly to YouTube. It is always worthwhile.