Do you have some friends on Facebook and you expect to see everything they publish in the news feed? Wrong! Every time you visit your Facebook news feed, the system chooses what to show to you through a complex algorithm that is constantly updated with new variables (there are more than 100.000 variables and 1500 pieces of content on average, to get you an idea ).
Facebook understands what are your close friends, the ones you want to see more or less informations, understand whose of them are acquaintances, and in general what are the news that might interest you more and get you involved.

The question is? How to get more information from a specific person? Is it possible to bypass the algorithm and tell Facebook to show more news/updates from a particular person? Yes, thanks to the settings of the news you can choose for each page or friend profile to receive more or less post and for friends you can also choose the type of post to be received. Follow the guide and I’ll explain you everything.



First of all, you have to organize the news for “most recent” instead of “top stories”, in this way you’ve already applied a filter on the board to receive news when content is published.
Yet for some friends we could continue to receive little news, why? The trick is in the settings for each friend.

How to change the settings of the news of your friends and choose which updates you receive from a person

Show-in-news-feed1. First of all, visit the Friends list from this page:

2. Hover your mouse on the “Friends” to the right of the name of the friend you want to see more (or less) news.

3. Make sure that the “Show in news feed” is selected (if not selected will not see anything from that person in your news feed).

4. Now click on “Settings …” to access the settings of the news for that particular friend. You can choose general and advanced settings. The general settings (the answer to the question “See which updates?”) allow you to choose between 3 categories: “All Updates”, “Most updates”, “Only important”.

To receive more informations from the person just select “All Updates”.
Facebook fails to understand what content is more or less important by the response that they receive in terms of clicks, likes, comments and shares.
To the question “What types of updates?” you can also choose whether to select or deselect a specific type of content, such as comments and likes or photos, activity games, and so on.
All-updatesFor every friend on Facebook is therefore possible to have custom settings and choose what content they receive.
The interested parties on their side they can not understand what news we see on our news section as well as they can choose whether to show us more or less content. Conversely, however, if you are looking for a way not to watch the news to some people just use the restricted list.

Go back to the homepage and you may already notice the difference. You’ll have a news feed more clean and tidy according to what you have chosen to display.