If you are waiting for WhatsApp releases the Web version of its messaging client for iPhone, know that if you run the jailbreak of iOS 8 and have installed the latest version of WhatsApp, you can already use the web version of the famous client since now. In this article we will explain how.


If you also want to use WhatsApp comfortably from your PC / Mac via the web version released a few weeks ago, although not yet officially compatible with iPhone, know that you can now force the activation via a new tweak for devices with Jailbreak called “WhatsApp Web Enabler “. Thanks to this program, it will be possible to add the ability to read the QR code on https://web.whatsapp.com/ and link our iPhone web interface. Without this, we can freely use WhatsApp Web just like on Android and Windows Phone.

whatsapp-webBut how to install “WhatsApp Web Enabler” on iPhone? If you have a jailbroken iPhone, you’ll have to necessarily run the Jailbreak and install Cydia. After that, you load Cydia, update the list of packages and then try and install a free tweak “WhatsApp Web Enabler”. Once this is done, reboot your iPhone and open WhatsApp. Under “Settings” you will notice the new option “WhatsApp Web”. Press on it and then scanned the QR code on this https://web.whatsapp.com.

whatsapp-web-enablerWe’re done! From now on you can also use WhatsApp browser (remember that Safari is not supported, however it works with Chrome) to your PC or Mac. The web client WhatsApp also supports notifications – to activate the user’s request – that we alert you with a badge style Yosemite receive new messages. Unfortunately lacks the quick response, while the sounds are available.

WARNING: the version currently available on Cydia may not work properly, since it is not yet updated. If so, uninstall it and download and install via iFile (another free program of Cydia) version available HERE.