The security and the protection of our personal data is one of the hottest topic among the entire e-community. Especially when we talk about Facebook’s privacy, the social where we spend lots of our time, and where we often share info, e-mails, contacts and telephone numbers. Those information are very sensible. What if they pass to the wrong hand?

The more we use Facebook, the more we are vulnerable. This is why we must achieve the best ways to protect our profile. In this guide, we will guarantee you some tips for make your profile a true vault.


Guide on Facebook’s protection settings

The protection settings are fully accessible from the site by clicking (Ruota dentata) then go to “Timeline settings” -> “Security” or by clicking on the three lines in mobile application.


Login notifications

Login notification are the main ways to check all the non-authorized access to your account. When you or someone will access from an unknown device, Facebook will send you an e-mail or a text message on your mobile at the number you provided at the moment of the registration.

Login notifications

Login Approvals

This is a very important option that everyone shall active on his personal profile. It allows to set an additional password to your account (also called two step verification). Thanks to this function the system will randomly generate a password to make your profile better-protected. This is a very useful way to prevent any password theft.


Code Generator

This option is closely related to the previous one. Click on”Set UP” to start the process, you’ll need a mobile phone and a QR scanning camera. Facebook will ask you to verify the access with a segret code. Facebook will provide you a second key too. You must use it in case you will be no longer available to get the access on the code gen.

Code Gen

Trusted Contacts

Trusted contacts are friends that can securely help you if you ever have trouble accessing your account. If you’ve added one or more trusted friend, Facebook will send them a code to let you easily verify your access. Using this code it will be possible to certificate your credentials.

Trusted ones

Where You’re Logged In

Where you’re logged in shows you all the active connections you have on your profile in that moment. If you notice any unfamiliar devices or locations, and want to suspend that link click ‘End Activity’ to end the session.

Where you're logged in