How do the fisheye effect with Photoshop
Fish eye literally means ‘fish eye’ but in photography this term refers to that particular type of photo that lets you see enclosed in a hemisphere views of at least 180 °, exactly as if it were a fish eye in the seabed. All this is possible because the goal makes all curves, straight lines and horizontal, except those found in the center of the frame. Fish eye photographs can be taken only with a certain type of goal and have the characteristic circular shape that distorts the image and that creates a very ‘street style’ that is increasingly being applied to capture sports such as skateboarding, BMX or scenery and landscapes. The obbietti fish eye are quite expensive, which is why, if you want to experience the thrill of applying the fish eye to your favorite photos, we suggest this guide how do the fisheye effect with Photoshop.
make fisheye photoshop
After opening the image that we want to apply the effect fish eye, click on ‘elliptical selection’ and select all part of photography that interests us treat.
elliptical selection
Positioning ourselves within the selection, press the right mouse button and select from the menu that will open option ‘select reverse’ and then, again after clicking the right button, ‘new level’. So we created a background that coloreremo black with the instrument ‘bucket’
To add an outer glow to the new level. Double click on the layer and select the left ‘outer glow’ playing with the values ​​inside the mask …
outer glow
The last step is the one that allows us to get the real effect fish eye. Keeping selected the first level, we choose from the menu at the top ‘filter’ then click on ‘distortion’ and finally ‘sphere effect’. We can do is set the factor between 30% and 40% depending on the photograph that we have available.
distortion sphere effect
Consider again the Elliptical Marquee tool, and create the circle again, this time starting from the corner, but we move slightly but leave a small space, right, go to ‘reverse selection’ then go to ‘filter’ and then click ‘blur ‘and then on’ Gaussian Blur ‘and set it with a range of 10%. Clear the photo. And here got our fish eye effect, as if it were shot from the lens proper.