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PayPal is a service created to simplify payments on the Internet. It enables individuals and businesses to transfer money online without giving your credit card number or contact details of the bank account. To use it, simply log on to its website and open an account. At no cost and without restrictions on deposit.

At this point you might be wondering: How does Paypal? And above all, how to get income from the activity? The answer is simple. They are applied in commissions on each transaction, but of this I will a little ‘later.

PayPal Logo

Now let’s see how to sign up to PayPal and open an account online. The only requirements to complete this procedure have a credit card (including battery), and the completion of at least 18 years of age. The steps to be taken are as follows: once you have connected to the home page of the service click on the Join button and choose the type of account to open.

  • PayPal for you – count ‘to individuals with all the basic functions to make and take payments online.
  • PayPal for your business – the bill for companies and owners of VAT has multiple user access up to 20 people and allows you to make mass payments.

After selecting one of the two accounts (by clicking on the Start Now button) fill out the registration form to PayPal and click on the Accept button and create account to complete the transaction.

how create paypal account

Perfect, now you are a PayPal account holder. But be careful, because it is one thing to “half service” with some features locked and a very low roof for money transfers. To unlock all the features of the service you must verify your identity by associating a credit card account.

Login to your online account and then select the Add or Remove paper from the Profile menu. On the page that opens, click the Add button and enter the card data on your credit card. Then back on the front page of the account and click on the entry check my paypal account which is located on the Overview page.

Now select the card you want associated with your PayPal account and click on Continue. You will be charged € 1.50 and temporarily card statement there is a unique 4-digit number preceded by the word “PAYPAL” or “PP“.

To complete the verification of your identity, log in to your PayPal account, click on the item check my PayPal account present on the Overview page and enter the code that you are getting credit card statement.

You can also link your PayPal account to a bank account. How? Select the Add or Remove bank account from the Profile menu, and then click the Add button and type in the coordinates of the C / C.

Will be deposited into your account two small sums of between 0.01 and 0.99 euro. Check therefore the statement of the C / C and identifies the two credits, then back in the Add or Remove bank account from PayPal, click on the Update button and enter the amounts of the two credits received. Easy, is not it?

add or delete cart

At this point you are an account holder authenticated no limits on transfers and has no function “castrated”. So tell me: are you ready to find out how PayPal works practically?

Let’s start from the payment of goods and services purchased online. PayPal is officially supported by a wide range of online stores and Internet sites, the first of which eBay acquired the property in 2002, transforming the service into the default payment method for its auctions.

On sites that directly support PayPal is possible to complete payments by simply clicking on the button with the logo of the service and by entering the password for your account, that’s all!

If you have to pay money to someone you have to connect to the home page of PayPal, select Send money from the service menu and enter the email address of the payment recipient. To underline the fact that in the absence of funds from your PayPal account service will automatically take the money from the card associated with the account.

As for the charges for payments, sending money in the euro area is free if you transfer funds between two PayPal accounts. If you send money with a card attached to the service are charged EUR 0.35 plus a fee of up to 3.4% of the transaction value. To transfer money out of the euro zone is applied, a fee of 0.4 to 1.8% if you use your PayPal account or up to 5.2% plus 0.35 € if you use your credit card.

To request payments on PayPal just tell the other party your email address (the one associated with the account), and to solicit a pending payment must select Request money from the home page of the service. You can read more in my post on how to receive a payment on PayPal.

The fees charged for the sale of goods or services via PayPal amounted to 3.4% max + 0,35 € for the euro area and the value of the rate for currency conversions and international payments provided by PayPal for the rest of the world.

Of course you can also transfer money on your PayPal account yourself, pouring it on the current account or the credit card associated with your account. Simply select the items Transfer money to the bank account Transfer money on the card and on the menu Fetch.

If you wish to deposit money from your bank account to your PayPal account you must select Reload and run a bank account to PayPal using the instructions that will be provided by the service.


Finally I would like to tell you about the systems of protection provided by PayPal for buyers and sellers. These security measures in place to receive repayments in the event of default on the part of those who sell or buy a tangible asset (intangible assets are not covered).

You can request a refund in the event that an item purchased through PayPal does not correspond to the description given by the seller or does not arrive at its destination. The complaint must be made ​​within 45 days from payment.

The protection covers PayPal also sellers from all claims, chargebacks and reversals in the event of unauthorized payments and non-delivery of items. More details are available on the website of PayPal.