cancelled order on amazon

After ordering a smartphone on Amazon you realized that he had chosen the wrong color? You ordered the birthday gift for a friend on Amazon but only after confirming the order you realized that the delivery will be done in time? Do not despair.

If the goods purchased on Amazon is still in the process of shipping you can request the cancellation of your order and receive a refund of the entire amount paid. The operation is feasible even for items ordered from third-party vendors, but with some assurance in less.

cancelled order on amazon

To learn more and find out in detail how to cancel an order on Amazon, read on. Below you can find all the information you need, but make haste: never as in this case, every minute is precious!

All you need to do to cancel an order on Amazon is connect to the home page of the store, log in to your account (if you have not already done so) and see the list of current orders by selecting the item from the My Orders My Account menu (located in the upper right).

Now, identifies the order you wish to stop and click ‘Request Cancellation placed on the right. Confirms your identity by typing the password for Amazon, indicating the reason for which you want to delete the order from the drop-down menu Reason for deletion (eg. Order created by mistake, Items not reach in time) and click on the button Request cancellation to confirm the operation.

If you have placed an order multiple comprising multiple objects and want to cancel the purchase of only one of them, rather than click on request annulment, in the screen My orders click the Remove button items. Then affix the check mark next to all the items you want to delete the order and proceed as above.

how cancelled order amazon

After a few minutes of the request for cancellation of an order you should receive a confirmation email from Amazon and, again within a short time, is more or refunded the amount spent on purchase.

But be careful: as mentioned earlier, cancel an order on Amazon is not always feasible and provides the conditions slightly different when the shipment from a third-party seller, not from Amazon itself.

The cancellation of the expedition is always successful if done within 30 minutes from the order, regardless of vendor. If you exceed this time, the cancellation may still take place but only if the objects have not yet entered during shipment.

Also, if made after the fateful 30 minutes, to third-party vendors is given the opportunity to refuse the request for cancellation of the order. This means that if you purchased the items from third party vendors and want to request the cancellation of the order after a few hours – or even a few days – from its execution may also receive a negative response.

In cases like these the cancellation request must be made by writing directly to the seller, you can not use the automatic system of which I have spoken before. You always have to go in the My Orders to Amazon and click on Request Cancellation but after this step the procedure is different.

cancelled order

You have to click on the Write the message, type a short message in which explain why you are no longer interested in the goods purchased and send it by clicking the button Send e-mail. He’ll then respond to the seller and, if necessary, accept the revocation of reimbursing the cost to the customer (it can take up to 3 business days to receive a response).

 In the event that the shipment of the objects were already playing, remember you can rely on the center made of Amazon and send back the products that you do not think of your interest within 30 days of delivery.