Have you ever wanted to change your Facebook color? If you are tired of the usual Facebook blue and want to add a touch of style to your Facebook in this article I will explain how you can change the colors on Facebook.

You choose which color schemes and you can either change the color of the top bar, as well as the color of links.
Changing the color of Facebook is one of the most common and most searched things by users who want to customize Facebook. In addition to the suggested script of this article we have for you many ways, software and applications to change the background theme and color scheme on Facebook.

The first trick to change the color Facebook is called Facebook Colour Changer, and is one of userscripts scripts you find here. If you are on Mozilla Firefox should download the Greasemonkey add-on and then add the script.


If you use Google Chrome you can just install this extension: Facebook Colour Changer

Once installed you can choose the two colors to use to customize your Facebook. WARNING: Only you will see the changes, your friends will always see your listing in blue.
(If you want to go back to Classic Blue Facebook vo simply remove the extensions)
Facebook turning dozens of hoaxes, scams and false information. Some of these relate to the colors precisely and in particular he promised to turn Facebook pink, proved to be a threat that has unfortunately been installed by thousands of users. We want to make sure that all the scripts, extensions and resources reported on our items are 100% clean and safe. All that is reviewed and published on this blog is first thoroughly tested, and is sure to be downloaded and installed without risk.