Yesterday we tould you about an extension for Google Chrome that allowed you to change the color of Facebook. That extension, still widespread, however, is only available for the Chrome browser, and today we announce a new extension available for the major browsers that allows you to change the default color blue Facebook.

The extension allows the user to choose the color of any color (among the thousands of choices), once you have selected everything that is blue Facebook will change with the chosen color. The color will change the top bar of Facebook and different texts within the pages. You will then have Facebook yellow, green, pink, black, white and so on. Here for example a red Facebook.


The extension is called “Color my Facebook” and is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, and installs in just one click. Visit the website and click on the yellow button at the top right “Install”.
The range is to add a new item to the menu of Facebook. To access the settings, and choose your favorite color, go to the menu of Facebook and click on “Color My Facebook”, on the left will open a small window where you can choose your favorite color, and when you have chosen click on “Finished”. That’s all.