how delete double blue check in Whatsapp

WhatsApp has recently introduced the double blue check to indicate the message has been read and in addition to all this, he also manages to report the time of each message has been read. At the moment only iMessage allows you to decide whether to send a read receipt or not. WhatsApp On the other hand, there is still an option in the Privacy settings to disable this new feature. How to disable the double blue check in WhatsApp ?

how delete double blue check in Whatsapp
So here are some tips that will allow you to read the messages without making them appear as “read”.

Airplane mode: This trick only works if you have WhatsApp between open applications in multitasking and if you have activated the updating of applications in the Background (Settings> General> Update app in the background). If you meet these requirements then you can set the airplane mode Airplane clicking the icon in the Control Center and then open Whatsapp. Can you read the message because it actually already be downloaded from the server to your phone but will not be sent to the read notification because you will be free from any internet connection (3G and WiFi).

Notifications: Often the messages on WhatsApp are not too long, so you can read through the banners of push notifications (note that with the iPhone in landscape you can see a preview of longer text) or directly from the Notification Center.

Read the messages from the main menu of WhatsApp: If you just stay on the screen with a list of all conversations WhatsApp, be able to read the message (or at least part of it) without getting into the real conversation, so do not will receive the notification of the reading, however, your status will change to “online” and this will be visible. In order for this “trick” to work, you need to remember to get out WhatsApp when the application is not on the main menu and when we are in a conversation with some friends at the next opening might otherwise be taken directly to the new conversation we want “avoid “reading. In the event that you forget to go back to the main screen of Whatsapp before you close it with the Home button, then Close it completely from multitasking.

These are just small trick to avoid bring up the double blue tick confirmation that the actual reading of the messages. Certainly are a bit ‘clunky but are the only option we have for the moment. But let’s not forget the most important thing: read the messages and decide not to give any answer is always our chance!

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