hide facebook friendsDid you receive a friend request and you do not want / can not accept it because you want to make it known to one or more of your friends? You do not want to let someone know that you made ​​friends with a person? Or, you sent a friend request and now you’re afraid that anyone will find out?
On this article I’ll explain how you can hide a new friend on Facebook, or how to not let others know (one, several or all of his friends) of the new friendship.
Facebook is always criticized on privacy but in reality options to secure a bit of confidentiality there are, maybe they are unclear (and sometimes are not explained at all) but you just follow my guide on privacy and for any questions feel free to comment on the article.

How to hide a new friend (or new friend) on Facebook

Hiding a friendship on Facebook is easier than you might think, all you need is just hide your friend list! The whole thing is logical indeed: if you hide the friends list to some people at a friends list or all, those who can not see the friendships will not be able to even see the new.
Just then hide the friends list to someone for not letting him know some new friends. What to do? Simple.

How to hide friends list

1. Go to page friends. Diary from your friends or just click on the item click here for a direct link.

2. Click on the pencil icon to the right (next to the “Find Friends” ) and choose “Edit Privacy” to access the settings and change the visibility of the friends list.

3. This will open a popup that, among other things, allows you to change the privacy of the friends list. Click on the button to the right of the question “Who can see your friends?” And choose the level of privacy you want. If you want to hide all the new friends you choose “Only me” if you want to hide to a person or to a list of people choose custom -> specific people or lists.
Is then possible choose to hide the list to some friends lists.

Does it work?

I tested the trick with 3 different accounts, requesting the friendship between them and showing what he saw on the third. So I can assure you that it works.

And friends in common what do they see?

Friends in common display the friendship even if you hide your friends list, unless you hide it also the future new friend.
So make sure who are mutual friends to see who of them could see the history of the new close friendship on their ticker or news feed. If you want to hide this story to them then you will have to ask the person with whom you want to make friends to hide his friends list as well.