anonymus email

Want to make a joke to your friends by sending them e-mails anonymous? Do you want to disguise your email address and send messages on behalf of a celebrity or the boss? One need not be secret agents or hackers to succeed. How to send anonymous email?

Today I want to illustration how to send anonymous emails in an extremely easy and fast by using appropriate free online services. Thanks to them, you can send the e-mail messages without the sender or sender’s address with a totally invented, just what you need for your joke!

How to send anonymous email

If you want to find out how to send anonymous emails, the first website that you should visit is Dead Fake, thanks to which you can send anonymous emails using an address of your choice as the sender. To use it, all you have to do is connect to its main page, type the address of the recipient in the To field, the address of the fake sender in the From field (even if you can invent any address, always use a valid format, eg. Address @, the message subject in the subject field and the e-mail itself, ie the body of the message in the Message field.

Then type the confirmation code you see in the Security field and click the Send button now! to send your anonymous email. In this way, the recipient that you specified in the To instantly receive an e-mail message that will be from the address you entered in the From field. The only downside of this service is that in the e-mail address of the recipient written out that one received an anonymous e-mail is made ​​with Dead Fake, but the anonymity of the consignor is guaranteed, so do not worry.

how to send anonymous email

Another great online service to send anonymous email Send e-mail message is, in this case you can not choose the sender (the sender will be the same, but the e-mail message will not be sent warnings inside. To use Send email message, linked to its main page and fill out the form that you are typing the address of the proposed recipient of the anonymous e-mail in the To field, the message subject in the Subject field and the message body in the field of larger text below.

Then type the confirmation code you see in the Enter text shown below and click Send Message to send your anonymous email. The recipient that you specified in the To receive your anonymous e-mail which will appear in a simple Free Email Service as a sender, guaranteeing anonymity. So, what are you waiting for to practice your tricks? I recommend, however, use these services with caution and not be too bad!