Facebook has launched new smiles and emoticons, they’re called emoji and you can enter them on any kind of post: status updates, photos, videos, links and comments. You can really have fun with them, there is something for all tastes, from simple smiley faces to some objects, nature’s images, animals, food, body parts or hearts.

How can I send them? How do they work and who can see them? On this new article I try to answer those questions. Emoji is a new kind of emoticons that before it was possible to send only from phones and tablets (the emoji are special characters used heavily in Japan and on iPhone, iPad and other devices are active for some time as a custom keyboard), with applications such as Facebook Messenger.

How to use the new emoji

emoticon-emoji-facebookUsing the new emoticons is really easy. Just visit the list of emoji, copy and paste one or more symbols on Facebook.

Where do they work? Everywhere: on status updates, links on the descriptions, photos and videos and in general on any news published.

What about who can see them? The emoji are viewed by everybody, both by computer, by tablets and phones.

Do my friends have to install something? No, you or your friends will see the emoji without needing for special software or extensions.


1. Click here and SHARE this post

2. Visit the list of emoji on Facebook.

2. Select with the mouse (or, if you’re on your phone or tablet, tap and hold) on the symbol you want to insert. Don’t worry if you don’t see the symbols as in the image (you may see squares or directly see the emoticons, if it’s your case download and install this font on your computer).

Copy emoji

3. Click with the right mouse button and choose “Copy.” If you’re using a tablet or a mobile phone once you select the emoji you should have the option to choose “copy”. Or, from a computer just use the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut.

4. Turn back on Facebook and paste one or more symbols on a news story or a comment (right click with mouse and paste or use Ctrl+V).

All done. Share on Facebook to view the images you’ve chosen. Your friends will see the emoji exactly like you. Have fun!