how to use pc and mac as modem for iPhone

You are in a hotel that offers free internet and cable only for your bad luck, in the room where accommodation also signal the iPhone is too weak to be able to go online without wires? Maybe I can give you a hand to straighten out the situation.

If you are carrying a laptop equipped with Ethernet support, you can use the computer mo ‘repeater and create a small wireless network to share a wired connection with the phone. How much does it cost? Zero euro, do not worry.

To use the PC and Mac as a modem to take advantage of the iPhone just a small program available for Windows, or if you have a Mac, one of the advanced features of OS X. He does everything in two clicks, as we see now.

How to use your PC as a modem for iPhone

How to use your PC as a modem for iPhone

The small program for Windows that I just mentioned is called Virtual Router is free, open source and works with both Windows 7 and Windows 8.x Using it you can turn your PC into a repeater for any Ethernet or Wi-Fi setting a name and a personalized password for the network to be created.

To download it to your PC, linked to its Internet web site and click on the download button that is on the right. A download is complete, open the installer package for the Virtual Router (VirtualRouterInstaller.msi) and complete the setup by clicking on the Next buttons in sequence (three times), Yes and Close.

If you are reported missing .Net Framework 3.5 on your computer, download the software by connecting to the Microsoft website and clicking first on Download and then click No, thank you. To be continued. The download is complete, open the installer package for the .NET Framework 3.5
(dotnetfx35setup.exe) and complete the setup before clicking Yes and then click Download and install this feature.

At this point, you are left to start Virtual Router. In the window that opens, use the pull-down menu to select the Shared connection to connect to share (eg. Ethernet or Wireless Network Connection), type the name you want to assign to your wireless network in Network name, the password used to protect access to free homonymous field and presses Start Virtual Router to turn your computer into a repeater.

After you create your Access Point with Virtual Router, get the iPhone, went under Settings> WiFi and select the network created by the computer. Enter the password that you chose to use to protect access and you’re done. You are connected to the Internet even on your “iPhone by” exploiting wired handset.

When you no longer need the “bridge” between the PC and the iPhone, which displays a window of Virtual Router and click the Stop button to stop the Virtual Router network sharing.

How to use your Mac as a modem for iPhone

How to use your Mac as a modem

On the Mac, as mentioned earlier, to share the connection you use your computer and create a small Wi-Fi network just take advantage of the features included in the system. How? I’ll explain.

First, sign in to the System Preferences and click the Sharing icon. Then select the Internet Sharing item from the sidebar on the left and shows through the drop down menu Share your connection from the connection type you want to share (in your case you have to select Ethernet).

Next, affix the check mark next to Wi-Fi (in the lower right corner), click on the Wi-Fi Options, select the item from the drop down WPA2 Personal security (in the window that opens), and sets a password to protect your access point.

Finally, put a check mark next to Internet Sharing in the left sidebar and click the Start button to create your own wireless network to take advantage of the iPhone.

When you have finished surfing with the phone, if you want, you can disable the network created with the Mac back in System Preferences> Sharing and removing the check from the Internet Sharing item.