Important as increasing the like (and even more) is to increase the number of people who talk about the page. What does this mean? What is the difference between the people who clicked the like button and the people who talk about this? On this article I try to shed light on these two important metrics available on all pages of Facebook and, more importantly, I’ll help you to increase the number of people who who-talk-about-this-topictalk about your page, as well as, as we’ll see later, finally help to increase the number of I like.

What is the like number, what is the number of people who talk about this and why are they different?

The number of I like is an easy value to understand: it counts the people who clicked the like button on a page, those who were once called “fans” when the button “like” on the pages was called “become a fan”. These users should follow everything that the page publish on their homepage, right? Wrong. Only a small portion of those receiving the news of the page (about 10%). The number of people discussing about this topic is defined by Facebook as the number of individual users who have created a story on your page in the last 28 days. For news relative to the page Facebook means:

  • Actions such as sharing, “Like” or comment on posts made from the page;
  • answer to a question of the page;
  • response to an event created by the page;
  • request for an offer.

The number of people who talk about it makes it an excellent indicator of the visibility of the page, and includes both people who clicked I like and people who do not follow the page (and that have created the news by posts shared by other users). It ‘s an indicator of the health of a page to be kept well under control and to increase as much as possible to ensure a flow rate (= visibility) of the news published. You can find it next to the number of like visiting the timeline of any Facebook page.


How to increase the number of “people who talk about this” on a Facebook page

Listed here are some tips to encourage users to interact with your page.

  1. Publish interesting content : your post must engage and appeal to those who follow you . Your page should be a reference for the field you represent . Talk to your fans as if you were talking to your friends and think before you publish any post , will them like it ? Is it interesting ?
  2. Talk about who you are : the page posts reflect the company’s personality , make sure that it is ( find it out) the right approach that appeals to those who follow you . For personal pages ( celebrities , public figures ) means to understand who is behind the page , as if you’re talking about a profile.
  3. Ask users to talk about you : if you want to increase the number of people talking about you ask them! Ask questions, stimulates the like , comment, or sharing your post. It arouses curiosity and interest when you write on Facebook. Read these strategies to increase comments for some examples .
  4. Interaction: not only publish the latest news regarding your business or the last post of your blog. Ask opinions, stimulate discussion on the topics of your page , in this way you motivate people to follow the page.
  5. Ask yourself why people should follow you : When your fans have clicked like why did they do that? What prompted them? Always remember it and do not go off topic .
  6. Reward those who follow you : with the right content , discounts, promotions or gifts if you are a company . Treat those who follow you as an integral part of your success on Facebook.
  7. Post at the right time: study your fans insights from the page, and learn to understand the time you reach them. In the morning , afternoon, evening ? If you turn to professionals should post during office hours , if your audience is consumers try to post in the evening and on weekends.
  8. Reply to fans : do not forget to reply to messages received from those who follow you, and to their comments.
  9. Do not lose your confidence: even if you put into practice these tips and do not see results do not give up! Continue to post once or twice a day on the page and you’ll see that it will increase the number of people who talk about the page and the likes too.