Have you ever wanted to know , before you connect on Facebook and make yourself online in the chat, if that friend of yours that always contacts you is online? Or , have you ever wanted to know if the person you care about is online without necessarily having to start chatting with everyone and waste time? In general , do you like to know who is online on Facebook chat without necessarily being online ? In other words, do you want to know who is chatting while staying offline?

On Facebook, you can find out if a person is online in several ways. There are also applications that allow you to know which friends are chatting , online applications that you can use without having to activate the chat.
First, however , as the title of this article begins with remaining invisible , we explain how to be online to only a few contacts.

How to stay invisible and be online only for some contacts

On Facebook you can be available to chat only for the friends who want. In a nutshell if you do NOT want to chat with some friends we can prevent them from seeing that we are on Facebook. We can also prevent only a few friends to see each other online.
To access these settings, click on the settings wheel in the bottom right and select “Advanced Settings”.


In the window that appears on the screen you will have the option to: 1. Turn on chat for all friends except; 2. Turn on chat for only some friends; 3. Turn off chat.


Select the option that is right for you (in our case number 1 or 2) and click on “Save”.

How to find out who is chatting on Facebook

Now we move to the most important part of the article. If you are interested to find out who is online without necessarily select one of the first two options in the settings screen before you can use applications. You can then select the third option (go offline) and use one of these applications to see who is available to chat on Facebook.

Appear Offline

An application that allows you to find friends online is Appear Offline. Just click to the application and in just a few moments you’ll have a list of online friends.


Online now

Another application, very similar to the previous one is Online Now. Here, too, you just need to click the link, give the permissions to the application and receive a list of friends who are chatting.