Here we go, finally you can like and dislike posts on Facebook, in fact adding emoticons and stickers with thumb up and thumb down, now you’ve got the chance even to say “hey, i don’t like it“. This will affect , comments, photos, links, or messages and chat conversations.

On this article you’ll find the step by step guide to learn how to send these emoticons (emoji and stickers) on every part of Facebook, from the computer and from your mobile devices. Sending them is really simple, it’s just a matter of a few clicks.

How to use Like and Dislike on Facebook

like and dislike

I will explain you  the procedure to send likes and dislikes in any part of Facebook: especially in your status update or shared photo or more generally throughout your wall.

How to send Like on Facebook (thumb up)

There are so many ways to send Likes on Facebook. Let’s see them.

First way: You can actually type (y) or (Y) to insert the like in any post or comment.


Second way: On any post on Facebook (except for the descriptions of the video), you can use the emoji thumb down. Just copy the symbol from the complete list of emoji and paste it on your post or comment. For detailed information about emoji read the full guide.

This is the recommended method because the emojis are displayed properly on any device, the characters of method 1 are not transformed into an image on phones and tablets, instead.


The Like Button (on Chat)

First way: You can use the type option (y) or (Y) or chose to use a full new method as we showed here.

Second Way: On Mobile devices is even possible to send the giant thumb just after have received a message.


Third way: In alternative you can check the new stickers available on the stickers store for mobile devices.


How to send dislike on Facebook

The dislike emotions can be sent on posts and comments using the emoji thumbs-down that you found in the complete list.

You only need to copy and paste the symbol on any post (status update, photos, links) in profile, page or group and send the message.


Emojis can be grouped together  as you can see from this screenshot

Dislike Button (on chat)

First way: To send the dislike you can simply add the emoji on your text copying it from here.


Second way: Alternatively you can use the new package of stickers. We really love all the stickers available on the store. The package is available for free and giants dislike can be sent with a touch, just to say “Hey, i don’t like it” with style.