Do you think the privacy settings on Facebook are complicated and you actually don’t understand how to limit the visibility of what you’re sharing? Do you want to limit the visibility of some contents (on the profile, the friends timeline, a group or a page) and do not understand how to do it?Do you want to understand who sees your comments and “likes“? This article aims to answer these questions.

Facebook is clear, pushes everyone to share their contents with as many people as possible, but if you just pay a little attention to some settings before sharing, you can clearly identify the audience of any news.

I’d like to speak about the privacy of the contents on profile first: those that have been shared with the publishing tool and those added in the information section of the timeline. Then I would like to speak also about the visibility of contents on groups and pages, and finally answer some frequently asked questions.


Limit the visibility on Facebook

The audience selection tool is pretty much simple to use, just pay attention to the icon in the box when you’re publishing or sharing any content and choose one from the four options:

  • Public Privacy map, to make the content visible to any user on Facebook and anywhere, friend or unknown.
  • Just Friends friends, to make the content visible only to friends ( this will be visible also to the friends of tagged people ).
  • Just me locked, to hide the content and make it visible only for you.
  • Customized 235511679809549_1599713164, to choose whether to hide the post to one or more of your friends, or maybe to a list. From here you can also choose to share with friends or to a specific friend mentioned on the post.

The default setting for privacy should be selected from this page!


Limit the visibility of profile information

In addition to the content shared through the publication is pretty necessary to look at the privacy of your profile information and change its visibility.

Limit the visibility of a group

For what concerns privacy groups you have decide at the time of the creation of the group, its administrator, who chooses whether to make the group as; secret (and limit the visibility of the group and content to members only), closed (and limit the visibility of content members, but to make the group open to requests for registrations) or open (public and entirely visible).


This table perfectly explain all the features per group.

Limit the visibility of a page

On the page you can limit the visibility in two ways:

1. By limiting the visibility of the entire page of the settings. Visit the page (you have to be the admin) from the control panel and click on Edit page -> Edit Settings and adjust the voices of limitation according to the country or age.


2. Always on the settings, enabling the control of recipients to specify the level of privacy for each news item.


Who can see the comments and “likes” that I click on contents?

This is a very common question and it has a simple answer; the comments and likes can only be viewed by the public included in the privacy of the post. What does this mean? If a friend shares a status update with privacy “friends” and you click like, the news generated by your “likes” (a guy like the status updated too) can only be seen by friends in common between you and that friend or more specifically only by friends of him, the same audience who can view that post.

If the post is visible to “friends of your friends“, the news generated by your like can be seen by all your friends, because it’s included in the privacy of the post. Who can see the post can also see the comments likes (rule always applies with the exception of the block, for example, if someone locks another person, he won’t see his comments on a post).

And then, what happen with the pages?  Who can see the comments and likes to the post pages? Everybody. Your friends will see the news generated on their board or the panel updates, always, because the post pages have the standard public privacy settings.