Have you ever given your phone to a friend? Have you ever desired to lock certain website on your phone, so your friend isn’t able to view it? If you got an android device you can do it.

If you want to know in details, how , take five minutes of free time and read the signs that I am about to give you. We will quickly see how to block a website on Android using two separate applications, one application for the devices in which have been rooted and another app a bit more limited but that easily works safely on the non-rooted devices.

AAA: If you actually don’t know in what consist a system root, you can go with the second one.

If you want to know how to block a site about Android and have a rooted phone, You should install Hosts Editor. It is a free application which, as the name suggests quite easily , allows you to edit the hosts file on your smartphone. If you do not know what I’m talking about, the hosts file is also a file on your computer that allows you to force the redirection of Internet sites to specific IP addresses.

Taking advantage of its features , you can edit the IP address of the site you want to make unavailable simply changing its numbers.

To block a site with Hosts Editor, you must launch the app, press the Menu button on your phone and select New entry from the menu that appears at the bottom. In the screen that opens, type in the IP address, then put the address of the site you want to block in the Host entries (ex facebook.com ) and press Save new host located in the upper left to save changes .

The phone will automatically reboot.

When your reboot is finished, try visiting the site you have blocked with Host Editor, this should be unreachable by any browser.

To unblock sites we’ve previously obscured in the application , put a check mark next to their name , press the Menu button and press it on the first item Delete in the menu at the bottom of the screen and then click Yes to save the changes. The phone will automatically reboot again.

Host editor on Android

If you do not wish to run a root on your smartphone , you can block a site using Safe Browser. It’s an uncommon browser, which allows you to create a black list of blocked web addresses. Unfortunately it doesn’t obscure any site in other browsers installed on the phone, but without the root is the highest level we can reach.

To block a site with Safe Browser , you must first create an administrative password for the application. Then press the menu button on your smartphone , select the item from the menu that appears Admin and set your password in the screen that opens.

When you first start the app, it asks you to enter a combination of user name and password , ignore the request by pressing the Back button on your phone.

Once you set the admin password , you can block any website you want, simply visiting it and pressing the menu button on your smartphone. Then, choose Other from the menu that appears at the bottom and presses the Add button to add any address on the blacklist .

When you change your mind , you can unblock sites blocked out in Safe Browser by pressing the Menu button on the phone and by going into the Settings menu of the application. In the screen that opens, you have to press on the Blacklist item and select the address to make it viewable again . That’s it!