When chatting on Facebook we always use to write text messages and send pictures, but what do you think if I tell you that someone has created an extension to submit paintings? A small application to add to your browser that allows you to draw with your mouse and instantly send the drawing to your friend in the chat conversation.

It’s very easy to use and very fun for anyone who loves to draw anything. After the custom stickers, emoticons and emoji in chat, now we finally have the tool for drawing. Yay! We’ll explain now how it works.


The extension is called ChatPaint and is currently only available for Google Chrome users ( Even if you haven’t Chrome, we recommend you to keep reading ). After you have downloaded it, go on your Facebook and refresh the page by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard. Now let’s try to open any chat conversation; you’ll notice a new pencil icon, that’s ChatPaint’s icon.


Click on the pencil to start drawing. You can also use the various commands of the program such as  the “eraser” (to delete) and “clear” (to start over). When your drawing is done, click “done” to send your creation to your friend in the chat. The design is uploaded (as a normal picture) on the ChatPaint website and is shared as a link to the image on the chat.

So be careful about the privacy: all designs are public and collected on the homepage of the site. You would like to Join that but you actually haven’t the Chrome browser? You can still use the service in its web version. Visit the website and click on the red central button “web version”, you can draw them and when you’ve finished drawing click upload to upload the image and share it with anyone in the chat.

The service has just been launched and we can expect new options (such as colors, shapes, and drawing tools) and greater privacy (maybe the option to choose whether to make public or private design) in the next versions.

Have a nice painting though 🙂