Did you join Twitter since a few weeks but you don’t have followers yet? Don’t worry, it’s a normal thing on Twitter! This doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to improve the followers! To better understand what I’m talking about, let me give you some “straight” on how to be followed on Twitter. If you put together all the tips you’re about to find in this article, some new follower in a short time will arrive on your page. Let’s get to work!

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Let’s start this guide on how to be followed on Twitter by content , the most important thing of Twitter. If you do not suggest any interesting content anyone will follow you, I think this is quite obvious. So avoid using your account to alert the population of the world when you have a headache or you’re eating. Search, rather, a topic or set of topics on which you feel comfortable/expert and publishes news, personal comments and anything else that might attract those who share your same passions.

Of course this should not become a job, do it all in a natural way and sometimes you can even publish the post that I told you to avoid before. Another fundamental aspect that you have to take care of, then, is the interaction with other users. Unless you’re not an authority or an important character in the public eye , no one will care of your Twitter account if you do not “open ” to other users of the service. Begin to follow people who have passions and interests in common with you and answer their tweets to develop interesting discussions also able to involve others, retwett posts of others who share 100%, or you suspect particularly interesting (in moderation, however, does not transform your profile in a bunch of posts of others) and uses the hashtag in an intelligent manner to make it easy to find your tweets from other people interested in the topics you write.


Another way to be followed on Twitter is become instantly recognizable. You can do this by setting the content you post in the way we have just discussed, but also adding to your online profile all the information about you: who you are, what you do, etc. . To add a brief description of yourself in your Twitter profile (which will appear directly below your profile picture), click the gear icon located in the top right and select the Settings item from the menu that appears. On the page, select the Profile item from the left sidebar and type a brief description in your Bio. Provide also type the address of your website (if you have one) into the form field, the city where you are currently in the Location field and saves the information by clicking the Save Changes button located at the bottom of the page. Now, I would recommend you to make your Twitter page more interesting taking care of the graphics. Staying in the panel with the account settings where you are now, you can edit your photo in the header , which is the cover image of your profile. Search for beautiful , original and tell you that in the best way possible (a photo in the foreground with regard to the personal image and a background in the subject that deals with the themes usually in your tweet). Next, select the voice appearance from the sidebar of Twitter and set a custom background image in your profile. Just click on the Change button background and upload the photo that you want from your PC. Search, then , to choose a nice background , original strike the visitors at first glance . You can find an interesting selection of backgrounds for Twitter on the site Twitr Backgrounds.


If you run a blog or a website, you have to know that this can be a great starting point to be followed on Twitter. In what way? For example , creating a widget with all your latest tweets updated automatically to be placed in the sidebar of the site. This will intrigue visitors and inspire them to give at least a look at your profile on Twitter . To create a widget with your tweet to be included on any website/blog , connect to Twitter and access to the settings of your profile by first clicking the gear icon located in the top right and then click the Settings item in the menu that appears. On the page, select the item Widget (located at the bottom left) and click on the Create New button to start the creation of the widget. You can choose the height of the widget , its color and many other interesting parameters, although usually the default settings are fine. When you set up your widget, click the Create button widget and copy the HTML code that appears on the page and then to go and paste into your website/blog, at the point where you want to appear your most recent tweets. Twitter-widget-settings Try to put together all these tricks and you’ll see that more and more people will click on the Follow button after visiting your Twitter profile. Good luck !