On this blog we have often talked about emoji, emoticons details that have long been integrated into certain websites (also including Facebook) and devices (such as iPhone and Android). Thanks to the application Facebook Messenger for iPhone and Android (and Facebook for iPhone or Android) has long been possible to send in the chat (or messages) to friends, and  it should be possible to use them on your computer.emoji-facebook-chat
But this blog is created to collect tricks and special features of Facebook, and after a long wait, i’ll show you now some tricks to use emoji even from your computer …. and even on the comments!

But first you should know a little history of emoticons and smileys on Facebook. Not everyone know that are active on Facebook at least 5 different types of emoticons.

A few months ago I  posted a trick that allows you to send some emoji even from your computer, visit the list of emoji for Facebook. Emoji which apparently only work on chat and messages.
They are also very few, compared to the list of emoji enabled by mobile phones (find them all on this image).

New emoticons for Facebook

Today I will show you a new trick to send new emoticons (the emoji) on the post and the comments on Facebook! They are brand new emoticons, much more beautiful than the classical ones, and are visible from computers both tablets and phones!


List of emoji for Facebook in 2014 for Facebook comments (and also any news)

List of emoji for Facebook in 2014 for Facebook comments (and also any news)
Here is a list of emoji be used on Facebook. For every emoji-emoticons copy and paste the symbol on the side column (double click with the mouse (left button) to select it -> click with the right mouse button and choose Copy. Paste the symbol on Facebook.

Visit the list–> List of emoji for Facebook