Since two years there are on Facebook hundreds of new emoticons called “emoji“, hidden smileys and faces which can be used to embellish and customize any post, comments or message on Facebook. They are a very great way to make your post look more “friendly“. We actually think they’re good for affairs/businness too.

The custom messages with emoji, in fact, often get much more involvement. They’re more beautiful to look at and make your post a unique look. Facebook has realized that, inserting them in the status update too.

Today I want to introduce a new list, which probably many of you already know. It’s the old one but with more emoji and so much improved. The list contains about 300 emoticons fully functional on any device. Today we will learn how to use this emotion by computer , mobile phone or tablet.


Complete list of emoticons and emoji to Facebook

I have already explained many times what are emoji and how they work. The procedure is always the same and once you learn it becomes very easy. check here to see how send them in chat.

All that you need to do is visit the list of emoji and copy and paste the symbols (squares) of the emoticon you prefer; go to Facebook and paste the symbols then send the post / comment.

1. Visit the complete list. The list includes emoticons / smileys standard of Facebook, which can be used by typing the characters of the classic “language of the web”. The two points with the parenthesis translates into a smile, the number 8 with a parenthesis translates into a smiley face with glasses, and so on. Ctrl+C on the symbol, then Ctrl+V on your text bar and you’re done.


2. The second part of the new list includes hidden emoticons and smileys. This list contains hundreds of pictures of emojis inside. Simply copy the symbol (square) next to your favorite emoticon choice. You can even copy it with Ctrl + C (or Cmd + C on Mac), or by selecting the icon and clicking with the right mouse button to select the copy command from the context menu.

3. Go back now on Facebook and choose where to paste the copied emoji. In a status update, a post with a link, a description of the photo, or in a comment. To paste the symbol you just use the key combination Ctrl + V (or Cmd + V on the Mac) or click with the right mouse button and choose the Paste command from the context menu.

emojis status bar emojis status bar


All the squares will be converted in symbols in the moment we press SEND/POST

How to use emoji on phones and tablets

In order to use them on any mobile device you easily follow the previous steps or getting an emoji chat app (emoji keyboard). There are lots of applications on both systems (Android and OS) that lets you text using them.

Warning: Not all the emojis are compatible with Facebook, see here which of those can be used.

Like we’ve said before you can use emojis also on chat/messages (it is even more simple).