YouTube is one of the biggest store online for audio as well as video content. Why do you think it become so popular? The answer is pretty easy! YouTube supports almost all the platforms available: all the mobile OS platform as well as PC platforms are supported for YouTube playback. But there’s something more! All the audio and video files run in the same media player interface, but you can also upload only audio files with a thumbnail.


The question I’m going to answer today in this article is: if I don’t want to see the video, can I play the YouTube videos in background? Obviously you can! This seems really easy to do if you use a computer, because this is the best device available today for multitasking. What about the mobile? The option of multitasking still remains, but video playback in background becomes a tough task because the moment you come out of the video playing screen, it stops playing. If you want to play YouTube videos in background using your iPhone or iPad, this is the right article for you! Let’s see together what you can do!

How to run YouTube videos in background on iOS devices

The first thing you have to do is to open the browser (mostly Safari in case of an Apple device),and then go to the YouTube page! Play the video of your choice. Once the song is playing, tap on the home button on swipe to go to another app, you will see that the media has stopped playing. Now, navigate to the control center and tap on the play button.


That’s it! Now your YouTube media has resumed to play. You can open any other app, play games or do whatever you want and the media file will keep playing. However, once one media is over playing, you will need to go back to the browser, replay it or play a new one, come out and then play it again from the control center.

Isn’t that easy? For any problem or question just leave a comment! Have fun! 🙂