Do you want to visit a site that is not accessible in your country using Firefox but you don’t know how to do it? Would you like to have an easy solution, free and that does not require lengthy configurations to work? I think I got the right solutions for you. I’m talking about proxy!

Proxies are the services that connect a computer with an Internet site spoofing the IP address of the user. If you want to know more about it, read on! It’s really easy.


If you want to learn how to use proxy on Firefox, I recommend you to try the free extension One Click Proxy IP , which, as the name suggests, allows you to browse through proxy on Firefox with a single click. You don’t need complicated configurations or recordings!

To install One Click Proxy IP on your computer, connect to the Mozilla Addons website and click first on the Add to Firefox button and then click on Install now. You’ll see the add icon appearing in the upper right side of the screen, the toolbar of the browser.


At this point, to enable browsing through proxy all you have to do is to select the icon One Click Proxy IP and click on Turn on proxy in the box that opens. Wait a few seconds and you’re done . To verify that everything went the right way , connected to a site like and checks that the geographical location of your IP address appears disguised .

You can also change the proxy server to use for your connection , selecting the icon One Click Proxy IP in Firefox toolbar and clicking the Change Proxy in the box that opens. To disable the proxy connection is , however, click Turn off proxy.

You can also use proxy on Firefox without installing extensions in the browser. Just visit one of the many services available on the Web,  one of the most famous is Hide My Ass, that you can easily use connecting to its main page, type in the address of the site to visit with IP disguised in the text field and clicking the Hide My Ass!.

If you want to set the proxy server to use for the connection, click on the ‘Advanced’ option and choose the server you prefer among those available (there are some Americans, some British and some of the Netherlands). From the same menu, you can also enable encryption to visit the address (URL obfuscation) and choose whether to disable Javascript or Flash elements.