After the recent updates, in 2014, Facebook has given us a gift: new emoticons! New special emoticons, called emoji, that you can insert in your comments on Facebook, but also on post, status updates, photo descriptions and links.
They are a special type of emoticons that can be used by mobile phones , tablet and computers , both from the profile or from the pages .

emoji-facebookWhat are emoji? They are particulars Emoticons and a special time popular in Japan but for some years available on most phones (such as iPhone and Android, for example, on Whatsapp).
Facebook has activated the website and this article will explain how to use them properly.

How to use the new Emoji Emoticons on Facebook (2014)

Use the new emoticons is very simple. Follow the instructions.

  • 1. Visit the list of emoji for Facebook
  • 2. Double click with the mouse (or, if you’re on your phone or tablet, tap and hold) on the emoji you want to insert.
  • 3. Click with the right mouse button and choose “Copy.”
  • 4. Back on Facebook and paste the emoticon on a post or a comment on Facebook (Click again with the right mouse button).
  • 5. Submit comment on Facebook (Enter / Enter).

Where you can use emoji on Facebook?
The emoji work everywhere on Facebook. Are visible on the comments, in status updates, links and photos on the diary pages and users. They are also seen as a description of the photo when it is displayed in the popup and recently appear perfectly even in the news feed (the news section, homepage, or bulletin board). They work even in chat!
The emoji are displayed properly on the new news feed that Facebook will activate short at all. Have fun and remember, stay tuned with us to find out all the tricks and news of the moment! See you soon.


Visit the list -> Full list of new emoticons Facebook