WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most widely used messaging application on mobile phones. This app makes possible free texting, and even sending audio, video, images and more. All this for free, paying only the cost of connection to the Internet that most of the time is included in subscriptions.

WhatsApp is (along with Facebook) also the ruin of many couples, friendships and relationships. We live in a world where you spend most of the time texting, and where you are careful in details to generate quarrels that in real life would never start. An example? The time of the last connection on Whatsapp and read notification messages.


The time of last connection informs all the contacts when you opened whatsapp last time. And if you have not read a message, who sent him begin to wonder why you have not answered yet (you can turn off the time of the last connection in whatsapp settings).

As if that was not enough, Whatsapp inform the sender that the message has been received and read, with double tick ✓ ✓ well known by anyone using this application.


The signal is the famous notification of reading, which for a while ‘time depopulated on the main web services, such as on Facebook.

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Personally I don’t love these violations of privacy so much. I want to be free to read messages without having to know who sent them, so as to be free to respond if and when I want to.

For this reason, hacking away at WhatsApp I found a little trick to read the messages without sending a read receipt to the sender, and I decided to share it with everyone.

How to read messages on WhatsApp without sending the read receipt on iPhone and Android

The trick is really simple: just send the conversation via email! From Whatsapp settings (both on iPhone and Android) look for the “email conversation” button in the settings and choose the conversation with the unread messages. WhatsApp will generate a text file with the complete conversation and send it to a mail address of your choice. This text file contains the unread messages! You can then read the messages without notifying the sender.

Here are the screenshots of the settings on Android and iPhone. Happy reading;)