On Facebook we’re used to follow news published by friends, pages or people not friends (with the follow button). For the first we just have to send a friend request and wait to receive confirmation (in the meantime receiving public updates) for the second we just click on the button “like”. Once you click the like button the page categorizes you as a fan of this page and allows you to get on your wall (or news feed) shared content from the page.

Is really this the only way to receive all the news published by a page? Do you have necessarily to click on the like button? Are we sure to receive all the news after clicking I like?

The answer to the above questions is NO and this article will attempt to clarify some doubts regarding pages and fan, signaling of the least known on Facebook.


How to get the news from a page

To receive posts from a page just click on the like button …. are we sure? Actually no, in this way you will not receive all the news on the homepage.

The news on the homepage are in fact controlled by an algorithm called Facebook Edgerank. It chooses for us, according to our interests, what is shown in the flow of the newsfeed. With the increase of the number of pages followed by each user the number of news from which the algorithm must choose content increases day by day. For this reason, Facebook has decided not to show all the posts shared from one page to the homepage of the fans (the page reaches only 10% of his fans, on average).

Did you click the like button on the page but you can’t see all the page posts?

All updates

If you want to display everything that publishes a page please follow these instructions:

Pass your mouse cursor over the name of the page (or on the like button to be seen in the diary of the page) move the cursor on the button “I like” and, in addition to make sure you have the tick ✓ on the “Show in news feed” , click on “Settings” button and select “All Updates”. You’ll notice that Facebook had automatically selected for you the “most updates”, that allowed you to only receive some news (selected through the EdgeRank).

In this way it is possible to bypass the EdgeRank and receive all the news published on the homepage.

Do you want to receive a notification each time the page shares?

Get notificationsIn addition to the previous settings you can enable the receipt of notifications of a page that, as guessed, allows you to receive a notification each time the page publishes new contents. Just move the cursor on the like button and click on “Get notifications”.

Tip: if you set the receipt of notifications you may also choose not to show the page in the news section (removing the tick ✓ the item “Show in news feed”), however, would receive its contents through notifications.

Is it possible to follow a page without clicking the like button?

YES, you just have to add it to an interest list (interests or follow a list that includes the page). You do not need to put I like to the page because you just need to open the list of interest to see the latest updates.

You could, for example, create a new list with pages that you would like to follow and include them. In this way, without having to click the like button you have to access to the list created to receive the stream of content.