Recover deleted photos Android

Were doing a little ‘cleaning between photos taken with your Android phone and, by mistake, you have also deleted some shots that you had to keep? Do not despair, there may be still a chance to recover.

If the portion of memory that were saved your images has not been overwritten with other data, you may be able to restore your photos even if you have deleted. Just use the right applications.

If you want to try, you can find everything explained below. So I would not waste any time and immediately groped to recover deleted photos Android: fingers crossed for you!

Recover deleted photos from SD cards

Recover deleted photos Android

If your smartphone / Android tablet has a microSD card on which to store pictures taken with the camera and screen, the most effective solution that you can use is TestDisk. It is a free software for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux that restores all recoverable files from SD cards. Unfortunately it has a graphical interface (works from the command line) and not very intuitive, but thanks to the information I am about to give you should be able to use it without too many problems.

Start by downloading the software by connecting to its official website and clicking on the entry for the operating system installed on your computer, such as Windows or Mac OS X Intel. Next, open the zip or tar package that contains the application and estraine the contents to a folder of your choice.

Now, insert the microSD into the computer (you can safely use a microSD adapter> SD or an external card reader) and start TestDisk by double-clicking the file testdisk_win.exe (Windows) or file testdisk (Mac). When the screen with the command line, press the Enter key on the computer keyboard, use the arrow keys to select the unit of memory card (eg. Multiple Card Reader) and again presses Enter.

Continue then selecting Intel, then the Advanced tab and choose the partition from which to retrieve the photos (should there be only one).

Finally, select the names of the images to be recovered (recoverable files are those in red, the extensions must be JPG or PNG) and press C to copy them to a folder of your choice: I counsel you to directly press C and save the root of TestDisk (on Windows) or in your user folder (on the Mac).

Recover deleted photos from smartphones and tablets


If your smartphone / tablet does not support memory expansion via microSD, or however you want to try to restore images that you had stored on the internal memory of the device, you can rely DiskDigger application that lets you recover deleted photos in a very intuitive Android .

The app is available in two versions: a free to recover photos in JPG and PNG (which should be sufficient for your purposes) and a paid version that allows you to retrieve the images in RAW format and other file types. To function properly requires that the device has been subjected to the procedure of root.

If you do not know what I’m talking about, the root is a procedure by which will bypass the protection measures standard Android normally does not allow users to act on some advanced aspects of the system (eg. Adjust the CPU frequency, lock ‘execution of the app while the device is in stand-by and, in fact, thoroughly scan the memory of the phone / tablet to search for files to be recovered after deletion). The root process is not very easy to carry and often will void the warranty and deletion of data on the device. For more information, read my guide on how to root Android.

To recover your photos with DiskDigger, start the app and allow it to root permissions responding affirmatively notice of SuperSU or Superuser that appears on the screen. Subsequently, presses the button No, thanks for continuing to use the free version of the application and choose the unit to scan for file recovery: should be the one with the capacity increased with the name in bold.

Subsequently, affix the check mark next to JPG if you want to retrieve only the photos taken with the camera, or next to the items JPG and PNG if you want to restore even screenshots and presses the OK button to start the search for deleted files.

When the scan (which should go on for at least ten minutes), presses the OK button, put the check mark next to the thumbnail of the photo you want to restore, press the icon for the floppy disk that is in the top right and select the item Save selected files locally from the menu that appears to select the folder to export the selected images.