Have you ever uploaded a video on Facebook? Did you ever realize that after uploading it the video is upside down o rotated of 90 degrees? Don’t worry! Here you can find the solution for your problem! Now Facebook allows you to rotate a video without you have to upload it again.

If you do not believe me, take five minutes of your free time and try to follow the instructions you find below. In five minutes you can learn how to rotate a video on Facebook without having to install additional software on the PC. Let’s get to work!


If you want to learn how to rotate a video on Facebook, the first step you need to do is to connect to the main page of the social network and click on your photo placed in the upper left side to access your profile.

After that select the Photos tab and go to the album and then in Video. At this point, click on the preview of the movie you want to rotate and should start automatically its reproduction.

To rotate the video, place your mouse cursor over it and click the Options button that appears at the bottom. Then select the voice Rotate Left or Rotate Right from the menu that opens (depending on the direction in which you wish to play the movie) and wait a few moments for the changes to take effect.


The duration of the procedure varies depending on the duration and quality of video to be rotated. Have a little patience and the movie will be shot in the desired direction (with the possibility of repeating the operation and back at any time).

If you do not want to know how to rotate a video on Facebook but you need to shoot a movie that you have not loaded on the social network yet, you have many solutions in which you can choose.

On Windows, you can use the free app Free Video Flip and Rotate that allows you to rotate all major formats of video files in any direction (just need to have the appropriate codecs installed on your PC) and then share them online.

If you’re using a Mac, you can rely on solutions including in OS X, such as QuickTime Player and iMovie. Let’s have fun!