Did you make internet shopping lately? Did someone  intercept information about your credit card?

You must now stop the credit card, file a complaint with the right authority and cross your fingers, hoping for a refund of your bank.

I swear on my head that you’ve made ​​a purchase blindly on the Internet and you entered your credit card number and all of its information in the first “online store” that has asked you.

So not only you do not received the products that you have “purchased” on the online store, they disappeared into thin air a few hours after your “purchase”, but you have found illegal additional charges on your credit card.


It may seem obvious, but it is not so much: you have to use your credit card only on computers with no malicious software such as viruses and spyware. Some malicious software are specifically designed to convey informations about your credit card fraudsters to their creators-when you use it.

That’s why I never make Internet purchases if not with my computer clean of any malware.

Perfect, your computer has been armored, but you can be sure that the website where you plan to shop’s safe and reliable. You can find out if the website where you plan to shop is safe or not, installing the software on your computer SiteAdvisor, which acts as a “guide” on the Internet, showing to you the websites that may harm your computer.


In addition to the safety of an online store, you must make sure of its reliability. In other words, you must make sure that the products you purchase are actually delivered and that your credit card can sleep nights sleep. How? Type the name of the shop on the web and read for the other people opinions!