Verification of how much people visit our profile everyday is one of the most discussed topic among the Facebook community (along with how to see who removed us from the friend list).

Actually, There are tons of different applications and software that promise you a clear and instantly check to simply see who more often visit our private profile (Wall, photos etc..) and in the same way there are lots of people that trust these kind of apps, downloading them.

These apps can actually be very dangerous for you, most of the times are scams that install viruses and malware such as toolbar and rootkits. Be very careful then.

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Identity theft

Sadly Most of these people doesn’t really have particular computer abilities or skills to know that these softwares could be very dangerous for us and for our personal information.

Today we won’t say you how to chose the better way to see your wall visits, and we won’t let you download any of these applications.


We just want to warn you instead, to make particular attention to these “fakes“. But there’s a more important thing you must know about this. In fact only a few users know well that Facebook’s policy higly distrust this kind of application and always work to block them and prevent any profile/password theft.

Be always careful with all the contents you got from the web, watch out from every dangerous malwares such as those we’ve seen today. And remember! You don’t need a strong antivirus to protect yourself from the web, sometimes you just need some more attention.

Is then not possible to discover who visits your Facebook profile, it’s not allowed by Facebook itself. There is no code or app that can do this, no matter how hard they try. I’m sorry for the news.