I have already talked about emoji, dozens of new smilies and emoticons activated on Facebook. Using them on Facebook is really easy: just visit the list and copy and paste one or more symbols on Facebook.
In previous articles I have explained that all the emoji work everywhere except in Facebook chat, but I was wrong! We used them for months on status updates, links, photos and comments on both pages and profiles of both groups, but trying to send in chat we discovered that the other user received them!


I’ve finally found a method to send emoji in chat. It ‘easy and only takes an extra step. The new emoji may in fact be sent by messenger application for mobile phones, so I thought: why do not pretend to Facebook that we are using a mobile phone and see what happens?

How to send new emoji in chat?

Nothing could be simpler. Just pretend to be using Facebook from a mobile phone! Follow the steps (ATTENTION TO THE STEP 1):

  1. Visit the mobile version of Facebook at: https://m.facebook.com/
  2. Visit the list of emoji for Facebook.
  3. If you see the symbols correctly as shown below skips this step. Otherwise download and install this font.
  4. Select with the mouse the symbol of the emoji you want to put on Facebook.
  5. Click with the right mouse button and choose “Copy” or use the key combination on the keyboard Ctrl + C.
  6. Open now, the mobile version of Facebook, the message page (click here to go directly) and choose whether to start a new conversation or open an already active.
  7. Paste the copied symbol and sends the message.



Your friend will receive and display the emoji in chat perfectly, exactly like you (you just go on Facebook at www.facebook.com to get the evidence). All the emoji are fully functional and have been tested in chat, please visit the list and choose the one to send to your friends, chat / messages.
Have fun!